—-darvillz said: your icon is doing things to me i cant

—-mosby said: u is smart u is kind u is important

i love you.

—-Anonymous said: what is in your nose?

Boogers, probably.

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      ❝Chill, Uncle Rory.
      It’s jus’ a stun gun.❞

       ”I don’t care what kind of
        gun it is! A gun is a gun.”



    ❝That wasn’t a compliment.❞

      “Too late, the compliment was already accepted.”


      ❝Do you think the teddy bear
          would explode if I shot it?❞


     ”Come on— what did I say about
      guns in the house!”



    ❝You’re absolutely insane.❞

     ”Oh hey, thanks.”


rare photo of a cock on a pussy on a bitch on an ass

     ”— I’m tired, but… I’d rather
      not sleep to be honest.”


I’d put something here about how much I love you guys and how I’m grateful for everything but how can I do that when pizza exists

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